Brand Strategy Consulting

Our Approach

It is important to separate brand strategy issues from execution-driven partners and agencies; we provide consulting services for brand, customer and marketing issues as an unbiased strategic advisor that require more than just market, marketing or consumer research to make strategic decisions


Brand Equity Modeling

Study to create foundational understanding of the equity, competitive positioning and customer or consumer insight from a strategy perspective to define a brand strategy that will support and help inform and guide growth and innovation initiatives

Brand Extension Strategy

Develop a roadmap of opportunities for brand extension; the deliverables will be defined by client need and may include any or all of a broad set of options including acquisition, partnership, brand licensing and innovation development

Strategic Customer/Consumer Target

A strategic study utilizing our consumer segmentation methods to segment consumers/customers into behavioral and attitudinal groups (beyond demographics; we then work with your team to identify the strategic target (e.g. primary consumer segment) for your brand or organization and to create a growth strategy to focus the team on a strategic direction from which to hone all aspects of strategy and planning; this is foundational strategic insight that is typically done every 5-7 years as the market changes

Competitive Positioning Strategy

We assess the current core competencies, competitive advantages and other assets from which to uniquely compete and define a competitive positioning strategy for your company, division or brand based upon client needs; we focus on organization-level and brand level for this strategic work, at the brand level this is a brand strategy or brand plan

Customer Experience Model

In today’s environment, the product or service provided is not enough to differentiate, we assess consumer needs and preferences to determine what experience is optimal for the target consumer and conduct a collaborative workshop to define, decide (ROI modeling) and build-in those experiences into your product/service delivery, retail or online environment

Case Studies

Improve Market Positioning Strategy to Meet Growth Goals

Conducted a market positioning study with a major health insurer who was having trouble with growth of ancillary insurance products. Determined that the organizational structure and product knowledge was limited, and recommended solutions that aided in them meeting their goals in the remaining two years of the plan.

New-to-the-World Product Opportunity

Explored a new-to-the-world business opportunity in green packaging for a major supplier in the food & beverage industry. Determined that the feasibility to execute the program envisioned with premium pricing would be risky, but presented other solutions such as how a strategic-partnership style program could be leveraged for top-to-top communications that would strengthen relationships.

Reignite Growth

Developed a three-year strategy that focused the major division of a food & beverage company on three primary growth platforms. Identified marketing spending and innovation pipeline practices that were not effective. By focusing on fewer, more impactful areas, the team was able to reignite growth and retain market leadership in core categories at risk.

Assess Significant Growth Opportunities

Developed a business case for senior management to assess a new revenue opportunity in brand licensing for a major media company looking at opportunities in food & beverage. We assessed the market dynamics and sized the opportunities, presented structure changes as to how to execute and manage, and presented risks such as cannibalization to core business.

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