We have helped create over $3B in new revenue with our agile approach and deep insight methods

Our Approach

By infusing outside resources and expertise into your team we drive bolder innovation while substantially reducing the development cycle. In this iterative Collaborative Innovation approach solution creation is not a step but rather a continuous process to refine, tweak, and deliver innovation aimed at identifying sustainable breakthrough opportunities.


Understanding & Immersion
Establish Contract for Success
Problem Framing & Hypothesis
Build High-Performance, Collaborative Team Environment


Observation, Ideas & Insight
Map Category/Market Needs & Dynamics
Define Strategic Target
Identify Initial Solution


Create & Adapt Solution
Generate Market Prediction
Establish Market Experiment
Refine solution through Iterative Learning

create wheel

CREATE” is in the middle to shape, improve, or refine the innovation process.

The Five Elements of Our Collaborative Innovation Approach

By leveraging five elements which touch every aspect of the innovation process, our Collaborative Innovation approach is enabled to drive synergy and deliver a superior outcome. Click to learn more.

Create an Innovative Team Environment. Iterative Approach to Solution Creation


RIGHT PEOPLE MIX: Solve problem in days instead of months by ensuring the right mix of people, thinking styles and skill sets. We use quick and effective tools to kick-off project and improve productivity of employees within teams through common understanding in problem solving areas.

  • We map the preferred problem-solving thinking style of each person involved in innovation.
  • Members of project teams become more productive when they are aware of their own thinking style and which style is most appropriate at which stage in a project.
  • We leverage diverse people and opinions to foster breakthrough thinking.

Success Stories

Thought Leadership

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