Agile Innovation

We Help Companies Leverage Innovation To Deliver Topline Growth By Doing New Things To Expand Business Boundaries Or Innovating Within Current Markets.

Are you pressed for delivering on your innovation commitments to grow the business?

We help companies deliver meaningful innovation through our Collaborative Innovation Approach. It leverages Fusion Methodology™ to identify deeper insights, and Lean Startup to learn quickly and increase confidence in innovation programs.

Our Philosophy

Increasing the probability of success in innovation is a key challenge that even market leaders face all the time. This challenge is even bigger when it involves doing new things to expand business boundaries. While identifying a critical insight or finding a great idea is not a given, it is not necessarily the only key barrier to innovation. Other critical factors may include a complex mix of cultural boundaries, decision biases, and risk taking to learn quickly from success and failure. This is particularly true for organizations who do not have a good pedigree for doing new things because driving such a transformation is not likely to happen overnight.

To address these critical factors we go beyond improving the process by focusing on the People, the Process and the Environment to help organizations drive a more efficient innovation outcome and improved results. Our Collaborative Innovation iterative approach provides a framework through which we work with innovation teams to deliver bolder innovation faster, leveraging five enabling elements. One of these elements utilizes our network of seasoned entrepreneurs to challenge internal assumptions and stimulate new ways of thinking.


Our Services

The Valen Group is a trusted outside strategic advisor to help companies deliver innovation to better compete and grow in the domestic and global marketplace. As an Innovation Strategy Consulting firm we have provided fact-based recommendations since 2000 to top global company executives. Our Innovation Consulting Services Include:

Companies need to work on new things to grow, and doing new things requires partnerships. Our Collaborative Innovation provides a much superior outcome to trying to do it all yourself. We drive value to your organization through collaboration and partnership that creates synergy and helps you manage uncertainty. We work together with clients by infusing outside resources and expertise to drive bolder innovation while compressing time to substantially reduce the development cycle. Our Fusion Methodology™ (consumer multi-interaction) is designed to identify deep critical insight. Our broad experience across industries allows us to drive innovation by analogy, i.e. create value through the reapplication of solutions and business models in seemingly unrelated businesses or industries. Valen’s Collaborative Innovation approach is appropriate for the following types of engagements:

Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative Innovation builds on five key components which work in sync within a coherent package...

  • Building out Innovation Platforms
  • Brand Extensions which stretch brand equity into new space
  • New Business Models to expand business boundaries
  • Concept or Solution Optimization to communicate benefits that resonate best with target consumers through iteration and learning experiments
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Valen Collaborative Innovation Approach leverages Fusion Methodology™ to drive deeper insight, learn quickly and increase confidence in your innovation programs when combined with our entrepreneurial innovation methods.

Fusion Methodology™ is a qualitative research service designed to bridge the gaps inherently associated with the broadly used traditional qualitative research. This is because traditional qualitative approach is stuck in an old “event” (single hour+) based model which provides little context and depth and falls short of supporting agile, entrepreneurial methods. Online platforms provide more agility but still don’t solve the insight depth issue because they just replicate faster shallow responses.

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We provide services to define innovation strategy that links to the business strategy. We explore all major aspects relating to innovation activities & results. The primary objectives of innovation strategy are to:

  • Decide on how to best allocate resources
  • Articulate an Innovation Roadmap

Innovation Strategy typically defines the:

  • Type and scope of innovation activities
  • Innovation portfolio make-up
  • How teams plan resource allocation and organize to execute innovation

Additional implications we consider when developing Innovation Strategy include organizational aspects such as:

  • Decision-making authority
  • Management of innovation
  • Organizational structure and coordination at the Corporate, Business-unit or Team-based level where strategy is developed

In cases where there are existing plans, we will also assess and refine existing plans to maximize the impact of innovation efforts on the business and may implement best practice tools and processes.

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We realize that building organizational capabilities that deliver breakthrough innovation is a top challenge facing executives. Communicating the business vision is different from executing against it, especially when the organization is not taking the time to step back and dissociate themselves from day to day activities to think long-term.

  • Managing Innovation & Environment
  • Organizing for Global Innovation
  • Benchmarking & Innovation Metrics

We have a comprehensive view in what organizational factors are important to innovation. We begin with an assessment of the organization, innovation process, and innovation environment. We utilize some of the best creativity and problem solving applied theory to explore not just individual abilities, but also elements of the company culture, decision making methods, tools and processes to identify ways to improve the innovation outcomes. Services include:

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Success Stories

Thought Leadership

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