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an effective methodology brings clarity to key choices by proficiently framing the right questions that solve the relevant problems

A fresh approach to research with answers that inform your strategic decisions. Discover how to compete and win - and get a seat at the decision-making table.

Fusion Methodology™ is crafted to quickly reveal valuable findings that build confidence in your key business selections.

Realizing the right questions will reveal the meaningful opportunities, Fusion Methodology™ mines the intel necessary to guide your project with informed choices.
Amplify your vision with understanding garnered from research tailored to drive answers to any business challenge.

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Market research and market analysis practices must turn data into insight that informs strategic decisions. Combining these practices with agility is how to compete and win and get a seat at the executive decision-making table. 

At the Valen Group we find that many of our initial conversations with clients are to really sort out what type of strategy problem it is and the approach to collect the facts to resolve it. We will:

  • Take time in initial discussion to ask questions and understand the situation to frame the problem
  • Draft a brief outlining our approach to discuss scope of work prior to a formal proposal, an engagement letter the outlines the objective, major deliverables and provide some sense of effort, team, activities
  • Provide generalists who know the practice of strategy to lead the efforts or oversee work but this also may include functional experts for specific knowledge and insight into problem solving
  • Follow proven problem-solving methods and logic which means they work to deduce the solutions from the facts and ensure the fact support a conclusion and recommendations

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