Licensing Representation for Brand & IP Owners (Licensors)

Licensing Representation for Brand & IP Owners (Licensors)

Brand licensing is a brand owner (licensor) providing a partner organization (licensee) the right to use a trademark in defined categories and territories.
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  • Licensing Representation for Brand & IP Owners (Licensors)

Representation Services

We provide full-service Licensing Representation Services to develop a new program or take over, manage and grow your existing program. Program Services include:

    • Program Strategy Development
    • Partner Outreach
    • Contracting
    • Partner Management
    • Royalty Collection & Management
    • Program & Contract Management

Brand or IP Owners

We provide full-service representation to develop and manage a long-term brand licensing or IP licensing program for you. We can build a new program or grow an existing program.


We will identify potential brands which you can manufacturer products or provide services under the trademark.  We approach brand owners and facilitate securing brand licensing agreements.

Develop a New Brand Licensing Program

If you are new to brand or IP licensing, we can help you determine if brand licensing fits your business strategy and how best to build a significant, long-term program. We love startup programs and have developed several major brand programs for brand owners including Red Robin, IHOP and Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt brands from scratch.

Are you looking for significant revenue growth opportunities? Looking to extend your brand further in the market place? Or looking for ways to keep your brand relevant to strategic target consumers? Answering these type of strategic questions is how we assess if a licensing program is right for you as a brand owner who may consider licensing as a growth strategy.

Grow Existing Program?

Would you like to significantly grow or optimize an existing program? We have represented many organizations existing programs. We have transitioned both internally managed programs and those who were looking to switch to another brand licensing agency. We work with some iconic brands who needed support for their existing programs including: M&Ms, Rust-Oleum, Tree Top, The Biltmore Estate and On the Border Restaurants.

How We Work

We begin our process by determining the value that a licensing program might bring your organization. One major difference about The Valen Group is that we will help you through a decision process to make choices on potential program opportunities.  We conduct a strategic analysis to determine what the opportunity might produce. We explore to understand the strengths and weaknesses in the equity of the brand or IP within the context of the identified competitive markets. From this work you will be able to decide if licensing will drive significant revenue for you. 
Why are we so transparent? Two reasons. One, it is our culture as strategists to seek the truth and we know that this type of partnership strategy is not a good fit for every brand or corporate strategy. And two, if you as the brand owner do not find this a significant, strategic program it likely does not fit our criteria either.

Are you a producer seeking significant growth by licensing an established brand for your product or service?

We work with a select group of manufacturers or producers who have ability to license major, established brands and create impact in the market. We provide the expertise in licensed brand acquisition and contract negotiations that helps to ensure the terms are fair and create long-term value to both parties. We know that producers invest significantly to develop unique products or services in the market and develop retail distribution and as such if they are performing and enhancing the brand equity, deals should reflect this understand so licensees can leverage the licensed brand in a sustainable, long-term partnership.

Successful Partners Put Relationship First

Brand licensing is a partnership and both parties, licensor and licensee are concerned about control and performance while each side has its perspective, our approach to strategic partnership drives out these choices based upon a clear vision, business case and objectives agreed to by both parties to allow the crafting of the deal to fit the needs of the partners. This style of relationship management is critical to continue and allow for visioning, information sharing and transparent discussion of issues and opportunities to forge trust to build and grow the value and importance of the relationship.


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