Qualitative Research

We are strategists with significant experience in interpreting consumer behavior into actionable strategic insight to help you connect better with your target consumers and customers.

What we do

We are growth and innovation focused to provide you a competitive advantage in uncovering opportunities by our unique agile methodologies that allow you to iterate and clarify critical tensions and customer experiences that drive preference in products and services developed. 

Methods we utilize:

  • Fusion Methodology for agile market learning and product usage observation
  • Customer Journey Mapping to identify critical insight into tensions, needs, marketing messaging of benefits and jobs-to-be-done
  • Design-Thinking & Empathy Sprints to uncover critical insight and enlighten personas
We use empathy, design-thinking, persona development and agile methods we have honed over 20 years to provide a great integrated client-strategist team experience.  We identify and present definitive next steps to drive action and speed to results.

Our Approach

We contextualize consumer attitudes and behaviors with the competitive market situation and your organization’s capabilities and risk tolerance to give clarity to the best path forward for the target consumer segment we are studying. Decisions are clearer because it has the business context from a trained strategist perspective who understands consumer insight and can translate this into business opportunity to present to leadership, giving researchers a seat at the decision-making table.

We utilize multiple methods and iteration in short sprints to learn over time. This design strategy improves the clarity into what customers need by providing rich depth of insight. We present on why consumers do what they do, how they think and feel and show you in video and other visual cues the exact problem we are solving.

Choose Valen

At the Valen Group, we help identify all the opportunity areas for innovation, not just product-focus.  Powered by Fusion Methdology™, we approach your innovation questions with a fact-based, agile-learning framework that includes:

  • Highly screened + vetted target consumers that are articulate, highly involved, and invested in the category we are studying.
  • FAST, AGILE & FLEXIBLE learning plan for the next consumer engagements because our agile-learning method was built to gather answers at any time during the innovation process.
  • Maxmimize Progress with iterating quickly with target consumers allows over a short period of time.
  • Best-in-class tools with a video collaboration platform that allows us to experience with consumers in the moment + create quick, video reports to keep consumer insights at the forefront of every decision.

Jobs To Be Done

Persona Development

Journey Mapping


Concept Development

Agile Product Testing

Desired Consumer Experience



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