Innovation Strategy Assessment

Valen Group’s Innovation Strategy Assessment focuses on the innovation direction and communication. We assess the understanding, clarity and linkage to growth strategy, how innovation strategy fits within growth strategy, and where growth is coming from. It leverages growth and financial results due to innovation and historical projects across the corporation, division, or target group.

In the assessment we typically explore critical activities and results from innovation as defined:

Innovation Environment
Which is heavily influenced by management behavior and culture. We assess what types of projects are prioritized, promoted, funded and especially how failure or learning is viewed in context of business risk and risk management.

Innovation Thinking-Styles
Which assess how members of innovation teams approach problems, how they perceive others and assess best practices across the core elements of the innovation process.

Innovation Process
Which assess the innovation process, interaction, collaboration, and hand-offs. It includes the type of innovation such as portfolio formation, prioritization and management, and other aspects to improve speed, effectiveness and allocation of resources to better results.



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