Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping is a qualitative technique used for mapping consumer insights across the “moments of truth” consumer touchpoints. Awareness, Store Shelf/Purchase Decision, Product Usage Experience, Memory & Repurchase Drivers. Journey Mapping is a great tool for understanding the current brand/product experience, competitive product experiences, and identifying the desired Consumer Experience. Journey Mapping helps to pinpoint growth opportunity areas across the consumer touchpoints.
We provide services that help identify the connections, correlations, and interactions across the consumer journey will help surface themes and patterns that can pinpoint areas of improvement. Even small changes in the right places along the journey can positively impact your consumers’ overall experience with your brand, and drive growth opportunities.

Our Approach


Explore the current and desired consumer experience across all touchpoints

Develop empathy-based insights that answer the questions needed to drive growth strategies

Develop early-stage insights that will lead to concepts for growth & iterative exploration


Develop Desired Consumer Experiences

Develop Competitive Landscapes & Points of difference between brand/product experiences.

Determine Jobs-to-be-Done at each consumer touchpoint.

Choose Valen

At the Valen Group, we help identify all the opportunity areas for innovation, not just product-focus.  Powered by Fusion Methdology™, we approach your innovation questions with a fact-based, agile-learning framework that includes:

  • Highly screened + vetted target consumers that are articulate, highly involved, and invested in the category we are studying.
  • FAST, AGILE & FLEXIBLE learning plan for the next consumer engagements because our agile-learning method was built to gather answers at any time during the innovation process.
  • Maxmimize Progress with iterating quickly with target consumers allows over a short period of time.
  • Best-in-class tools with a video collaboration platform that allows us to experience with consumers in the moment + create quick, video reports to keep consumer insights at the forefront of every decision.
  • Empathy-based deep-dives for insights
  • Multi-mode Learning – how and where needed to understand each of the moments of truth in context.
  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Video capture of consumer insights across all touchpoints
  • Landscape Analysis



Valen Group named A top-trending firm for innovation consulting by Forrester Research