Strategic Brand Licensing

We Have Developed Over $3B in Brand Licensing and Build Long-Term, Strategic Programs

Our Philosophy

For over 15 years we have honed our system to build significant, long-term programs. We are different and strategic. Our average brand licensing deal is $7.6M. We calculated that is over 15 times the typical corporate trademark deal. While our portfolio is focused, We are a Top 25 global licensing agency according to License! Global Magazine. We foster a strategic partnership culture based upon trust and helps everyone gain more out of relationship because it is built for the long run. We let fact drive fit decisions for growth and infuse an agile (speed+learning) mindset.

The Valen Group has significant experience developing and managing brand licensing programs globally that drive multi-million dollars of royalty and are brand enhancing. We call this, uniquely, Strategic Brand Licensing, and we want to work with executives who are like-minded about significant growth projects.

Introduction to Our Strategic Philosophy from our Managing Partner

What is Brand Licensing?

It is quite simply the legal right to use your brand or trademark with specific terms of use as agreed to by licensor and licensee. Those terms are spelled out in trademark agreement, also known as a brand licensing agreement.

As a Top 25 global licensing firm we build long-term sustainable programs that generate multi-million dollars of royalty revenue. We target brands where we can build programs that have at least $50MM-$100MM in gross product revenues.

We take a strategic approach to bring significant impact in brand enhancement and revenue. We will not put your brand through a “mass production” process where many licensees are called with little thought as to positioning or reason a licensee is a good fit for both sides. By providing great plans, deep critical market insight and a bias for action without skipping good business management steps, we increase your probability of success in a brand licensing venture.

What is Strategic Brand Licensing?

Strategic brand licensing is a strategic partnership model that allows the use of an organization’s brand, know-how and/or other IP that drives both significant revenue and brand equity enhancement. A strategic brand licensing program requires senior level sponsorship to be successful and so the opportunity must be large enough to warrant the prioritization for success.

Strategic Brand Licensing may be a very valuable growth strategy via brand partnership if:

  • The brand or portfolio of brands has clear equity
  • The culture of your company is to collaborate and innovation outside your organization or this is a goal in which to improve
  • There is a significant revenue and brand equity enhancement

Representation Services

We work with:

  • Brand owner who are considering starting a licensing program
  • Existing brand licensing program leaders who are looking for growth or program optimization
  • Manufacturers or producers who are seeking a brand and/or IP to license

Would you like to Explore Utilizing a Partner to Develop a New Brand Licensing Program for your brand or portfolio of brands?

We love startup programs and have developed several major startup programs for Red Robin, IHOP and Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt brands.

We provide Representation services to startup, develop and manage your program. This includes:

  • Program Strategy Development
  • Partner Outreach
  • Contracting
  • Partner Management
  • Royalty Collection & Management
  • Contract Management

New to Brand Licensing?

For Brand Owners Considering a New Program

Are you looking for significant revenue growth opportunities? Looking to extend your brand further in the market place? Or Looking for ways to keep your brand relevant to strategic target consumers? Answering these type of strategic questions is how we assess if a licensing program is right for you as a brand owner who may consider brand licensing as a growth strategy...

Read our Letter to the CEO to understand how we think about how we assess Strategic Brand Licensing for your brand portfolio.

Brand Licensing Consulting Services

Many of our consulting clients manage their program internally or would like to maintain their current brand licensing agency but are seeking benchmarking or best practices improvements to optimize or growth their program into a long-term sustainable strategic asset. We provide management consulting services for your partnership program including:

  • Strategic Planning - Annual and Multi-Year Goal Setting
  • Growth Assessment or Growth Strategy Roadmap (include prioritized product categories)
  • Opportunity or Concept Assessment
  • Partner or Program Assessment
  • Program Best Practices or Process Improvement
  • Licensing Partner Targeting Plans, which can include initial outreach, contract negotiation and more
  • Partner work-out resolution/exit consulting

Brand Licensing is a Partnership Model

When assessing brand licensing as growth strategy for your organization, it is important to consider that it is a particular partnership model...

There are implications with partnerships that can be good or bad depending on situation, strategy and your organizational culture. Successful brand licensing partnerships are no different than other successful partnerships where there is a willingness to share insight with the partner and each party works to maintain trust because, while control is spelled out in the brand licensing agreement, partnerships last based upon the depth and quality of the relationship. When leveraged properly, partnerships give you the ability to do things you couldn’t do, it allows you to expand the capabilities of your organization to innovate, grow and brand licensing extend your portfolio of brands into exciting new areas.

The Valen Group roots came from strategy consulting and through our focus on growth and strategic partnership work led us into strategic brand licensing. You can read more on our Strategic Partnership Services.

Collaborative Workshop. A workshop environment which is liberating for creating new ideas, solutions, processes and business models. It combines the right people and process to take initial insights and build upon them to identify better solutions.

Strategic Partnerships. Access to know-how, technology, assets or other IP to create valuable new solutions through partnerships.

Brand Licensing Consulting Case Study Example

We conducted a strategic assessment of a major restaurant brand owner’s long-term licensing program. New management had concerns for security in the future of current, significant revenue streams, and questioned if they could grow the program. We identified some major challenges that, with proper negotiation, could unlock significant benefit to both parties (win-win). We also helped dimensionalize upside opportunities and the realistic effort and timeline to achieve them. The outcome was a clear set of choices and subsequent actions which the client can execute, or utilize us to execute, over the years.

Are you unsure if Brand Licensing is right for your organization? So are we. Read on.

The Art of Saying No is Just Good Strategy – CEOs Perspective on Growth Opportunity Choices

There are limited resources in an organization and not every growth strategy or opportunity is worth your time...

Fees and Services – Brand Licensing Representation versus Consulting

The typical provider in the industry is a brand licensing agency that represents a brand owner and provides solicitation, negotiation and management of the overall program including licensee, royalty collection and contracts...


Our Approach

We approach brand licensing as a strategic growth venture. We have several advantages that makes us a unique choice when you think about critical elements of success: strategy, outreach, product development and program management.


We offer strategy and innovation consulting services so when we say we do strategy, there is not one agency we know that can say they match our capabilities to drive clarity in strategic purpose and assessment of market opportunities. To develop a compelling program and attract major licensees requires a well thought out fact-based plan with consumer insight.

Critical Insight for Better Decisions - Brand Licensing Strategic Growth Assessment

In strategic growth assessment, it isn’t that there is a lack of ideas but rather a lack of insight to make a good decision...


We use strategic, pinpointed partner outreach and team selling, leveraging our network to ensure we give clarity to potential partners to consider the significance of the brand in their portfolio.

Product Development

We leverage significant experience in branding, product research and innovation. We have an innovation consulting group so we know how to coach licensees on delivering great products and solutions that are positioned uniquely against needed consumer benefits.

Program Management

We run the business as a business – annual planning, forecasting and periodic business analysis; financial management and royalty collections; and partner management techniques honed by years of client service consulting and excellent program and project management skills.
When we assess a program or develop a growth plan, we provide a unique team mix which includes a brand licensing strategist, an innovation strategist as well as business strategy consultant to help size opportunities and assess feasibility in market access.

Brands We Represent

Below are current licensing partners who benefit from our strategic licensing program management –

Brand Licensing, Agent, Agency, Strategic, Consultant

Brand Licensing, Agent, Agency, Strategic, Consultant

Brand Licensing, Agent, Agency, Strategic, Consultant

Brand Licensing, Agent, Agency, Strategic, Consultant

Brand Licensing, Agent, Agency, Strategic, Consultant

Brand Licensing, Agent, Agency, Strategic, Consultant

Brand Licensing, Agent, Agency, Strategic, Consultant

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