Gold Eagle: Breakthrough Proposition to Compete in a Cluttered Space.


Gold Eagle Company identified Automotive Appearance Care as a major growth opportunity for the newly acquired 303 brand. The space, however, is cluttered with competitive brands which are market leaders in their respective segments. To secure a lower risk market entry it was critical to identify and develop a superior quality and differentiating value proposition which positions 303 as a strong contender to incumbents brands. Retailers needed to see the 303 brand as a serious player to partner with to develop and grow the category.

How we did it

Valen’s strategy was to position the 303 brand as an emerging player and a category challenger whose strength is derived from a foundational understanding of what consumers want. We used real time qualitative research and on-line quantitative research to provide a comprehensive analysis of the Automotive Appearance Care opportunity and its challenges. We identified the key drivers for success and critical insights for the development of a superior proposition. In collaboration with the innovation and brand teams we leveraged real time use and show tests to simulate consumer experience and provide a holistic assessment of 303’s product and package performance vs. competition including messaging, benefit communication, and label design.


The improved and optimized product and package definition delivered a superior total experience relative to key competition and was carried by major retailers such as AutoZone. In May 2017 the 303 products line received the exclusive endorsement from the GAHH Automotive Group as its brand of choice.