Marketing Strategy

Develop a clear, strategic marketing activities geared to meet your revenue goals. We work with your team and leadership to deliver a fresh marketing strategy with clarity of objectives and measurable results.

We help guide the marketing team with clarity of direction by aligning the marketing activities to support the business goals, marketing strategy, brand strategy, and design strategy.

our approach


We approach developing a holistic marketing strategy based upon your business’s context and landscape, and powered by Fusion Methodology™, drive insights that uncover new and effective strategic opportunities. As a strategy firm geared for driving bold innovations, our approach provides a mixture of creative problem- solving, market research, and key result goal-setting.

Our methodology consists of these steps we take to:
  • Clearly define the situation and problem or opportunity
  • Conduct market research to listen to customers and hone the core target we define
  • Utilize that target to run by all strategy and execution decisions
  • Deliver a marketing strategy with objectives, goals and roadmap of initiatives to keep execution focused
  • Ongoing learning plan and maintenance for improvement

To see success in marketing, strategy needs to be clearly defined, measured, and fed back into the next execution allowing for a level of flexibility and learning versus high control or hierarchical decision-making, changing results through a one-organization dashboard for team/agencies effectiveness.

We help align business and financial goals with marketing execution for marketing communication, market or category expansion and product development.

Our focus is on the customer experience through journey maps, concepts/messaging, design (thinking) strategy and jobs-to-done.

We have a deep understanding of marketing effectiveness and present an unbiased perspective from your agency partners. We utilize marketing science and presentation of facts/learning to help you explore choices and make strategic decisions. We provide a healthy team climate with transparency and focus to improve marketing because we are highly experienced at working with creatives.



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