Insights & Analysis

Insights & Analysis

Develop critical insight for areas of the business where the path to growth is not clear or to validate answers within your organization.

Market research and market analysis practices must turn data into insight that informs strategic decisions. Combining these practices with agility is how to compete and win today and get a seat at the executive decision-making table.

What we Do

OUR INSIGHT METHODOLOGIES are based upon agile principles to derive learning through a series of quick, iterative actions — a departure from more traditional practices in single, event-based form of discussions, focus groups, or long quantitative market research studies. Agile Market Learning helps free up teams to adjust quickly making better decisions and getting to market faster.

Because we are multi-disciplinary, we will consider the best approach among qualitative, quantitative and market or competitor analysis methods. We can also help support inputs to a business case that would include market opportunity or market-sizing.

Work with US

How We Work

The Valen agile approach allows teams to navigate decisions through multi-disciplinary methods in an iterative process driven from disciplined insight. Read more on our Agile Learning Method, Fusion Methodology™, to garner rich insight to cultivate bold ideas.

To propose on a study, we first understand your opportunity or issue and present back a brief for discussion with a general approach and to allow for your feedback. From that alignment and adjustment, we will finalize the research approach into a formal engagement letter for your approval.

The Valen Group used an expansive approach to analyze and research our market. Their comprehensive findings helped us develop sales and marketing strategies across all our product lines.


Valen’s Agile Methodology allows an organization to manage uncertainty and make strategic choices during development and prior to delivery. We utilize short sprints that focus efforts to progress through development. By applying agile principals originating from software development methodologies, insights that drive understanding or decisions become attainable, efficient, and effective through iterations, or sprints, of test-and-learn scenarios. This enables an organization to gather critical, unique insight into its consumers and those insights to drive the development.


Insights & Analysis Services

Gain critical insight to propel an understanding that drives the decision or project typically coming from uncovering a unique perspective in some behavior, tension or problem allowing teams to identify solutions and eventually prove out value to the target customer.

Fusion MethodologyTM

  • Agile Market Learning
  • Agile Product Testing

Qualitative Research

  • Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Empathy & Design Thinking
  • Persona Development

Custom Quantitative Research

  • Market Landscape
  • Concept Testing
  • Market Segmentation

Competitor Analysis

  • Positioning & Pricing Analysis
  • Whitespace Opportunities

Market Analysis

  • Market Opportunity Analysis & Market-Sizing
  • White Space Analysis
  • Channel & Customer Analysis

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