As a Top 25 global licensing firm, we work with brand owners and producers to build long-term, sustainable programs generating multi-million dollars in royalty revenue.

Brand Licensing Services

Licensing is the agreement on use of an organization’s brand, know-how and/or other IP that drives revenue and brand equity enhancement.

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What is Brand Licensing?

It is the legal right to use your brand or trademark with specific terms of use as agreed to by licensor and licensee. Those terms are spelled out in trademark agreement, also known as a brand licensing agreement.

Valen Group is a Top 25 Global Licensing Agency recognized by License! Global Magazine. We have significant experience developing and managing brand licensing programs globally that drive multi-million dollars of royalty and are brand enhancing. We call this, uniquely, Strategic Brand LicensiNG.

Strategic Brand Licensing may be a very valuable growth strategy via brand partnership if:
  • The brand or portfolio of brands has clear equity
  • The culture of your company is to collaborate and innovation outside your organization or this is a goal in which to improve
  • There is a significant revenue and brand equity enhancement

We represent Brand or IP owners or producers seeking Trademark or IP licensing and have a strategic mindset. We seek programs where the target is to build at least $50MM-$100MM in gross product revenues.

We also offer brand licensing consulting and advisory services to identify opportunities or institute best practices in developing or managing licensing programs.


We are different and strategic. We will not put your brand through a “mass production” process that delivers many small deals with little thought as to positioning or reason a licensee is a good fit.

For over 15 years we have honed our system to build significant, long-term programs. We are strategic. Our average brand licensing deal is $7.6M which is over 15 times the typical corporate trademark deal.

We foster a strategic partnership culture based upon building relationships to maintain trust and mutual understanding. Because the program is built for the long run, relationships grow and the parties gain more out of licensing partnership. In activation, we infuse an agile (speed + learning) mindset.

Our Brand & IP Licensing programs are full service and include:

  • Program Strategy Roadmap
  • Partner Outreach & Contracting
  • Partner Management
  • Royalty Collection & Management
  • Annual Program Planning
  • Contract Administration & Management

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Valen Group’s Agile Methodology allows an organization to manage uncertainty and make strategic choices during development and prior to delivery. We utilize short sprints that focus efforts to progress through development. By applying agile principals originating from software development methodologies, the licensing category ideas and partners identified that drive program growth become attainable, efficient, and effective through iterations, or sprints, of test-and-learn scenarios. This enables an organization to gather critical, unique insight into brand or IP licensing program strategy and those insights continue to drive development direction at a rapid pace.

The Valen Group has led the development of our successful new business in brand extension licensing. The strategy developed helped us identify the best go to market plan for our brand. They have a deep understanding of the food business that has led to licensed partners. We believe this business will be a long-term success and thank Valen for their guidance and hard work

– Chief Restaraunt Officer


Strategic Brand Licensing Services

Work with a highly developed proven method to build significant licensing partnerships. Leverage extensive deal structure experience and partner relationship management practices that build long term programs. competitively position your brand versus peers by increasing brand presence and relevancy.

Brand Licensing Representation

  • For Brand & IP Owners
  • For Manufacturers

Brand Licensing Consulting

  • Existing Licensing Program Assessment
  • Best Practice
  • Benchmarking
  • Program Growth Strategy & Opportunity Discovery
  • Deal Structure and Partner Management Advisory
  • Organizational & Process Improvement to support licensing


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