Marketing & Brand Strategy

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Valen Group’s Marketing & Branding Practice leverages deep consumer insights to strategically position brands to scale by answering the questions you need to know before going to market.  

Marketing  & Brand Strategy Services

Marketing & Brand Strategy are critical to successfully reach and attract new consumers while improving retention and loyalty with existing consumers.  

What We do

We provide our clients with the foundational building blocks necessary to establish a successful brand position to inform the Marketing Strategy.

At Valen Group, our marketing and brand strategy services encompass:

  • Marketing Strategy: to help you strategically plan how you will promote and sell your product/service. We will guide you to define your target market, and identify your marketing mix, Defines the choices of the target market, customer segment and supporting activities
  • Marketing Activation: Effective use of communication assets such as the brand, product, messaging, and visualization
  • Brand Strategy: Conveys your future aspirational affinity and positioning of the brand
  • Brand Equity Analysis: Uncovers consumers’ expressed perceptions of and experience with the brand through market research
  • Design Strategy: Translates messaging and visualization to create a distinct mindspace and positioning consistent across all mediums of communication

How We Work

IN OUR APPROACH, Valen ensures your marketing and brand strategies align to your business growth efforts to improve results. Our plans are devised with pre-measures and post-analysis for continual learning and optimal results. From a strategy perspective, the goal is to identify and communicate a unique difference that will garner a competitive edge and increase profit. We help you identify a successful positioning that conveys a unique mindspace for recall, affinity, and perception that speaks to the ethos of the organization. We include supporting insight research to better identify, understand, and communicate to your intended audience. By focusing externally on listening and learning, our team can help solve how best to allocate supporting resources to best portray your organization and brand and, subsequently, optimize the experiences of the audiences you seek to connect.
Strategically Rebranding to Scale
Case Study

The Valen Group used an expansive approach to analyze and research our market. Their comprehensive findings helped us develop sales and marketing strategies across all of our product lines.

-Vice President, R.A. Jones & Company

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Valen Group’s Agile Methodology allows an organization to manage uncertainty and make strategic choices during development and prior to delivery. We utilize short sprints that focus efforts to progress through development. By applying agile principals originating from software development methodologies, new ideas that drive innovative solutions become attainable, efficient, and effective through iterations, or sprints, of test-and-learn scenarios. This enables an organization to gather critical, unique insight into its customers or consumers and those insights to drive the development.



Valen’s Marketing & Branding services supports your business growth by strategically aligning your business objectives with carefully planned creative strategy necessary to remain relevant to your target customers.

Design Strategy

  • Design Strategy Consulting
  • Copy and Visualization Strategy & Tools
  • Individual Design Target (IDT) Personas

Marketing Strategy

  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Channel & Customer Strategy
  • Consumer Personas

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Extension


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