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We represent brands or ip owners or producers seeking trademark or ip licensing and have a strategic mindset. We seek programs where the target is to build at least $50MM-$100MM in Gross Product Revenues.



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As a top 25 global licensing firm, we work with brand owners and producers to build long-term, sustainable programs generating multi-million dollars in royalty revenue

The Valen Group has led the development of our successful new business in brand extension licensing. The strategy developed helped us identify the best go to market plan for our food brand. They have a deep understanding of the food business that has led to licensed partners. We believe this business will be a long-term success and thanks Valen for their guidance and hardwork


Valen Group is a

Top 25 Global Licensing Agency

recognized by License! Global Magazine

We have significant experience developing and managing brand licensing programs globally that drive multi-million dollars of royalty. For over 15 years we have honed our system to build significant, long-term programs. We are strategic. Our average brand licensing deal is $7.6M which is  

Over 15x the typical corporate trademark deal

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