Agile Innovation

Agile Innovation is a proven sprint-based approach that provides iterative learning to improve depth of insight, decision-making and speed-to-market.

Valen’s Agile Innovation services help at any specific stage of innovation, or as a comprehensive, end-to-end innovation development consulting team. From commercial innovation, product innovation, and new business ventures, Valen’s Agile Innovation process is delivered by a team of experienced strategists with the expertise to drive clarity in your decisions with results unique to your needs, agnostic to industry, business size, or maturity.

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Valen delivers innovation using a proven agile, sprint-based approach that provides iterative learning to improve depth of insight, decision-making and speed-to-market.


Early-Stage Exploration

Explore & Identify growth and opportunity areas
Concept Development, Ideation

Agile Market Learning

Model or Concept Testing with fact-based custom studies
Concept Visualization & Early Prototypes

Agile Product Testing

Validate and hone concept for product or market fit
Product Refinement + Optimizations


Development +
Go-To-Market Planning
Launch Plan, Messaging Roadmap

Agile innovation allows an organization to manage uncertainty and make strategic choices during development and prior to delivery. We do this through a series of short sprints that focus efforts to progress through development. By applying agile principals originating from software development methodologies, the testing of new ideas that drive innovation becomes attainable, efficient, and effective through iterations, or sprints, of test-and-learn scenarios. This enables an organization to gather critical, unique insight into its consumers and those insights to drive the development.

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Agile methodology allows for an iterative approach to innovation which ensures the customer voice is guiding the development of solutions.

In early exploration, we identify tensions from a target group of consumers or customers. We bring consumer and customer insight into the approach through empathy to understand real problems and match them to the capabilities and strategy of the organization. For product and service innovation we use the jobs-to-be-done methodology to focus on outcomes. We continue to refine innovation through behavioral insight and agile market learning.

Validation is continual in our approach though agile product testing by putting early prototypes or concepts in hands of users for agile market learning. Learning may include quantitative research for concept or product testing.

To prepare for go-to-market strategy, the marketing communication and positionings are tested to verify product/market fit and that we are communicating compelling point of difference the target group understands. Design strategy is a critical element we include in our approach to ensure that the all the elements are aligned and fit the positioning.

We are experienced strategists who use agile market learning in short, iterative sprints which allows us to garner deep insight into the lives and tensions of target group. New product innovation is difficult because it is highly uncertain so applying an agile methodology allows us to have iterative touch points with both the target consumer and you, the client team, to ensure we are crafting valuable benefits and a clear point of difference to improve the probability of success.



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