Custom Quantitative Research

We help craft and execute custom, quantitative research studies to better understand customers & their relationships with their brands, new products & services, and other strategic insight to make better decisions.

Valen Group’s Custom Quantitative Research Service provides expedient answers to your critical business challenges. Our agile team of experienced, senior strategists drive clarity to your questions by pinpointing key elements that refine the focus to your strategic questions and match your unique, custom research plan to the best method(s). Once fielded, combining other decisioning factors & requirements of the business are scoped to precipitate better business decisions.

We include the competitive market perspective, weigh your execution capabilities, complexity and financial risks you might face to present the opportunity value in a strategic recommendation on the best path forward.

“We prefer Valen because they work with us to explain their rationale for which methodology.”

President, Consumer Automotive Products Company

our approach

Outfit your marketing strategy, new product innovation, or business development with custom, quantitative studies by the Valen Group.

  • Growth Adjacency Opportunity Identification
  • Concept Testing to determine which products or services should be launched
  • Product Testing to optimize jobs-to-be-done, pricing or features choices such as with a use test or a choice-based study using Conjoint or Max-Diff
  • Marketing Messaging Strategy and Positioning
  • Market Opportunity Sizing to model a revenue forecast or opportunity value
  • Market Segmentation to determine target consumer
  • Brand Equity Study to guide brand strategy or positioning

The Valen Group’s Custom Quantitative Service includes an exploration of the market landscape, execution capabilities, business complexities, and potential financial risks complete with a strategic recommendation on the best path forward.



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