Strategic Partnerships

Bringing Companies Together Since 2000, we engineered partnerships utilizing a lean startup approach. The new business models were very effective in molding strategy to the available market opportunities to drive results.

We plan and execute strategic partnerships utilizing an agile approach from analysis and recommendations to outreach to deal execution. Partnership is an ideal business model to create a competitive advantage by leveraging others’ expertise, get to market quickly and mitigate risk in doing new things.

Our Approach

We have an agile approach to Partnership Development. Because partnerships require both parties to agree, there is a level of uncertainty that mutes the value of strategy by itself without learning along the way. Valen’s Agile Methodology is an ideal model to mitigate this risk and determine if or how best to proceed.  We prefer to structure engagements to conduct early exploration that allows us to move smoothly from strategic theory or internal discussion/debate to a determination of executable options in driving significant new revenue. Action is the best antidote to indecision. 

    • Strategic analysis to determine feasibility and attractiveness of a partnership model
    • Develop partnership strategy and an execution roadmap
    • Conduct confidential exploration of potential partners and consult on deal structure and deal terms
    • Provide best practices through a framework, process and tools to craft deals and manage the partnership for the long-term
    • Make-Rent-Buy growth strategy assessment

Types of Deals We Have Done

  • Strategic partnerships with various strategic goal of sharing or access of assets (such as patented technology, trademark licensing, distribution and manufacturing)
  • Joint-venture or equity investment for access, exclusivity or shared-learning
  • Partnerships with an investment option to acquire, typically with up and coming, young innovative companies



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