Gus Valen

Managing Partner & Entrepreneur

Gus, a leading entrepreneur and strategy consultant, with a portfolio that offers strategic clarity to top, global companies known for innovation including Procter & Gamble®, Nestle®, and Chiquita® as well as lean, entrepreneurial businesses. His breadth of perspective allows him to provide unique insight for companies to support leadership to make the best choices in growth strategy.  Specialized in the areas of entrepreneurship, organizational management of innovation, and growth strategy, Gus has led global innovation initiatives, developed and executed new ventures, and coached leaders on innovation culture, with specific experience in product development, market research, brand management, general management and strategy. 

Prior to establishing The Valen Group, Gus managed a new ventures group within Whittman Hart, a global strategy consultancy; managed the Fruit of the Loom® core products business globally; and worked as group category manager with Haworth, Inc. 

Mr. Valen holds a Master of Business Administration in Strategy from Vanderbilt University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Philosophy from Vanderbilt University. He is a Thomas C. Page Entrepreneurial Fellow of Miami University of Ohio.   Gus has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Supermarket News, Entrepreneur Magazine and Mergers & Acquisitions Journal,  providing expert analysis and opinion on innovation and growth trends, especially in the areas of consumer products for health & wellness. He is also an avid volunteer for entrepreneurs globally and former Global Board Chairman-Elect of the Entrepreneur’s Organization.