Brand Licensing Consulting

The Valen Group can help consult on all aspects of your brand licensing program including opportunities to grow and best practices to optimize your program processes and tools.

Brand Licensing Consulting Services

We offer brand licensing and brand partnership strategy and management consulting services on a project basis. We can consult for your organization if you:

  • Manage your own brand licensing program 

  • Would like to assess your current brand licensing agency

  • Want to consider brand licensing but are not sure if brand licensing is a strategic fit

  • Present a program valuation or opportunity size as part of your growth strategy

Existing Program Consulting

Typical consulting needs we fulfill are to present a high-level assessment, conduct a strategic analysis with recommendations or provide benchmarking to help you grow and improve your existing program. Our services for your existing program include:

  • Program Assessment Services
  • Program Best Practice Benchmarking
  • Strategic Planning Practices – Annual and Multi-Year Goal Setting & Program Management Rhythm
  • Deal Structures and Royalty Rates
  • Organizational & Process Improvement
  • IP protection
  • Growth Assessment or Growth Strategy Roadmap
    • Opportunity Identification – Category Prioritization, White Space Opportunities
    • Potential Licensing Partner Identification or Replacement Options
  • Partner (Licensee) Management Advisory
    • Partner Negotiations
    • Partner Assessment
    • Agency Representation Assessment or Contract Negotiation
    • Partner Work-Out Resolution/Exit

Existing Program Engagement Example

We conducted a strategic assessment of a major restaurant brand owner’s long-term licensing program. New management had concerns for security in the future of current, significant revenue streams, and questioned if they could grow the program. We identified some major challenges that, with proper negotiation, could unlock significant benefit to both parties (win-win). We also helped dimensionalize upside opportunities and the realistic effort and timeline to achieve them. The outcome was a clear set of choices and subsequent actions which the client can execute, or utilize us to execute, over the years.

New to Brand Licensing

Are you unsure if brand licensing is right for your organization?

We will help you determine if brand licensing is the right opportunity for your organization. We will conduct a fact-based analysis and present the opportunity, risk and options so you can decide for yourself if the effort is worth pursuing or not. 
Many of the choices that you make about the boundaries and opportunities you would consider will determine how valuable a brand licensing program can be. We support the decision process to ensure senior management can make an informed decision and will deliver a board-ready document to present the opportunity.

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