Valen’s Strategy Consulting Practice provides fact-based, strategic analysis that guides strategic decisions and creates a competitive advantage.

Strategy consulting is a critical resource for top leadership and their executives. The essence of strategy consulting is to guide leaders and management in making choices that will direct and guide the firm to specifically allocate resources and align members of the organization to create or maintain a competitive advantage.

What We do

Valen is a growth-focused strategy consulting firm. We are the right fit when there is a need or emphasis on business growth or strategic issues around growth or innovation. Our strategy consultants are trained to help organizational leaders set strategy and align management or teams. The practice of Strategy is to make choices in resource allocation that creates a competitive advantage.

From an organizational perspective, we facilitate the development of a strategic plan or a growth strategy at the corporate- or business-unit level.  Strategy can cascade across functions and down the organization.  For functional strategy development we possess domain knowledge across:

  • Growth Strategy
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Partnership Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy


One of the biggest problems leaders mention in developing strategy, is the gap in an actionable strategy. Our approach connects strategy to a decision or action, and we continue on the engagement to ensure translation to activation like the work we did with Chiquita-to-Go to half the time to market.

Many of our strategy consulting engagements focus on a specific strategic question on an opportunity or issue. The deliverable is a business case or recommendation and mix market, business and customer analysis or consumer research. Sometimes the need is more basic such as working out a strategic issue or best practice in a strategy workshop ending with an action plan.

Our Strategy Consultants:

  • Offer best practices in strategy management and insight discovery into the practice of strategy
  • Provide an outside, unbiased perspective (fact-based)
  • Uncover blind spots or other strategic considerations to identify core strategic issues
  • Reframe the problem with the team when helpful to be more actionable and clear to solve
  • Develop sound logic to build conclusions from supporting insight and facts collected
  • Present strategic options or recommendations to help leaders break ties and improve decision-making discipline; also provides.

Corporate vs. Business-Unit Strategy Development

Strategy, from an organizational perspective, is developed at the Corporate-Level; whereas Corporate Strategy is to manage the make-up of portfolio or shared activities. Business-Unit Strategy is to set competitive positioning in a particular market, industry or other competitive set, however defined. Strategy Consultants are trained to help organizational leaders set strategy which means to make choices in resource allocation and align management and teams to create a competitive advantage.

Our challenge was to create a pipeline of opportunities within a very short period of time. The Valen Group was instrumental in aligning, first, my executive management team and then the rest of the group through a combination of fact-finding reports and team building sessions to develop a three-year roadmap for growth. -President, Sara Lee Foods


Valen Group’s unique Agile Methodologytm allows an organization to manage uncertainty and make strategic choices during development and prior to delivery. We utilize short sprints that focus efforts to progress through strategy development by applying agile principals originating from software development methodologies. We test strategy concepts through iterations, or sprints. This enables an organization to gather critical, unique insight into the market situation or strategic challenge and those insights to drive the development.


Strategy Consulting Services

Valen’s Strategy Consulting Practice offers strategy services to analyze markets and your organization’s unique capabilities. We provide fact-based analysis that helps you to make resource allocation decisions, align teams to ensure activation and create a competitive advantage.

Strategic Planning

  • Corporate or Business-Unit Planning
  • Vision, Mission, Core Values Development
  • Global Strategy

Growth Strategy & Roadmap

  • Strategy Definition with 3-5 year roadmap
  • Growth Development Assessment & Business Case Presentation


  • Partnership Strategy – business case or roadmap
  • Partnership Activation – outreach and development


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