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Unlocking Business Growth: When to Partner with a Brand Strategy Consultant

In today’s competitive business landscape, your brand is more than just a logo and a tagline; it’s the soul of your organization. A well-defined brand strategy is the driving force behind your success, shaping how consumers perceive your company and, ultimately impacting your revenue. But when is the right time to seek the guidance of a brand strategy consultant? Let’s explore this crucial decision, and why the Valen Group is the boutique consultancy for your strategic brand positioning needs.

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Five Reasons To Re-Evaluate Your Branding

Strategic branding is a key driver in any industry if you want to grow your business. It is the most important element in regard to positioning your brand to your strategic target. Like people, brands age and evolve over time. In order for a brand to stay relevant, it too needs to evolve with its consumer. Thoughtful brand strategy should always take into consideration foundational brand building blocks such as an equity pyramid including the brand character, the brand promise or brand essence, and the strategic target. These foundational building blocks give your brand focus that inspires the visual identity system.

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Strategically Rebranding to Scale

Strong, brand & design strategy aligns a product or service fulfilled by an organization that relates to human emotions through the conveyance of ideas, communications, and ideals. A brand strategy nurtures and evolves to align with the values & motivations of a unique and targeted audience.

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End Gaming The Future of Food & Beverage – Channel Blur

There is one thing in common with this market disruption – Channel Blur. Channel Blurring is here now and will shake out winners and losers across food & beverage channels including grocery chains, manufacturers, emerging food delivery companies, internet retailers and restaurant chains. While the significance of these changes being defined as truly “disruption” is uncertain, it is certain that the market will reward those who have evolved their business model.

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So You Want Bolder Innovation? Define the Types of Innovation First

Determining the portfolio of innovation projects is part of innovation strategy. The prerequisite to responsibly developing organizational or departmental innovation is the understanding what kinds of innovation you want teams to develop. Otherwise, you are personally holding portfolio management yourself as the leader and every decision will have to cross your desk limiting agility and value.

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