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What is the Value of a Need State?

Imagine walking through an area filled with mountains and your goal is to try to find the highest mountain and climb to the top. As you might envision, it is difficult from the ground to see the highest mountain. You think you have the tallest one and you climb up it. Likely, you can see it’s tall enough but you wouldn’t know if it’s the tallest. Think about the tallest mountain as your biggest opportunity area of needs to solve for consumers.

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Product Innovation is Not Only about the Process

Many companies have decent product development processes and yet fall short of generating breakthrough product innovation that is meaningful to the consumer and differentiating enough in the market place. As a matter of fact, our experience as Product Innovation Consultants, working with both large size and midsize companies suggest that the issue, most of the time, is not about generating more ideas but rather identifying the really good ones which are capable to make a difference and generate the desired ROI.

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