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How CPG Leaders Can Make Better Decisions

The truth is that too many smart consumer products leaders try to “tough-it-out,” thinking it is normal to make “hard” decisions. Most of the time the tough decision is only tough because those tasked with collecting or presenting the facts haven’t gathered or presented the right information.

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Don’t Simulate Good Decision-Making

Don’t risk making a decision in simulation mode where the results look good at first glance but the information presented is not sufficient to make a good decision. Here are four points leaders should consider to make better decisions:

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Future of the Restaurant: A Memo to the Restaurant CEO

Imagine walking but all you can do is look at your toes – it’s only a matter of time until you bump into something and have to look up. Well, look up because as the top executive of a restaurant concept, it is time to think about the future of the restaurant. How far out are you willing to let yourself think?

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Framing the Problem: The First Step in Successful Innovation

The way to solve a complex problem is to break it down into smaller problems that are much more easily solved. However, the first step in problem solving is to identify the problem we are trying to solve. If it isn’t written down and critically discussed, we haven’t completed what we call “Framing the Problem.”

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