5 benefits that a great consumer journey map can provide for your brand:

  • Identify how consumers think, feel, and interact with a category, your brand(s), and the competitive set (including any private brands). Revisit your map at least once a year with your target consumers to understand how things are changing in the category.
  • Identify unmet needs, frustrations, tensions, trade-offs, and pain points at the category and specific brand levels. These tensions and pain points represent opportunities for improvement and innovation.
  • Build awareness and understanding encompassing the connections, correlations, and interactions across the consumer journey to detect themes and patterns, and acutely pinpoint areas of improvements and the downstream impact to the consumer journey, and ultimately, your consumers’ overall experiences with your brand.
  • Organize and develop an innovation roadmap through the identification of short-term, mid-term, and long-term innovation pipeline areas of opportunity.
  • Keep your insights alive and accessible among your teams to promote a focus on the Desired Consumer Experience (DCE) within their decision-making processes. A great Consumer Journey Map is a powerful tool for aligning internal teams to strategic goals.

What we do

What We Do

  1. Organize what you already know while investigating spaces of growth potential, as well as gaps in the consumer journey by mining data to identify opportunity patterns to scale growth and align to your business objectives.
  2. Leverage a Fusion Qualitative Research Sprint with highly vetted, target consumers alongside known business knowledge to generate actionable category and brand insights across all touchpoints to formulate a strategic Consumer Journey Map & an Opportunities Map.
  3. Enable your team to work strategically and efficiently with a Journey-Mapping session with a multi-disciplinary team designed to support your innovation and growth efforts specific to your business demands and resources.
  4. Provide the critical output to create a clear glidepath for execution.

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