Design Strategy

Design strategy is the bridge between strategy or positioning and design execution to evoke an emotional connection with a brand.


Design strategy leverages research insights, design principles design thinking, verbal strategy, branding, design principles, product design, graphic design, packaging design, UX design, and marketing. It serves as a strategic guide for a compelling and ownable design that also communicates the brand equities and values.

Design strategy is a way of translating the intent of the business communicating a product or service positioning and expressing the elements in a way to evoke an emotional connection. It involves visual strategy. It also aims to bring insights surrounding what your product or brand will look like, so that it stands out among competition and creates a strong emotional bond with your consumers and/or customers.

our approach

Valen Group helps brands develop and create how they will come to life both verbally and visually at First Moment of Truth. We customize every project to fit through:

  • Scoping the Brand Equity Pyramid to define the brand equities.
  • Assessment of brand positioning to define areas of opportunity to fine tune your design strategy.
  • Your brand’s Holistic Design and how it connects to your consumers
  • Holistic Proposition Development (Product, Package, Concept)
  • Design Thinking Workshops to refine or improve brand innovations.
  • Empathy-based discoveries to uncover valuable insights that inspire the creative team.
  • Agile qualitative research that is leveraged for consumer insight.
  • Concept Development of current on upcoming innovation work

We have been working with Billion Dollar bands to position them for success for over 20 years.

We solve complex business challenges by creating strategic decisions that help connect the consumer to the right product for them which grows a company’s bottom line and delivers a strong ROI
  • Mine and leverage empathy-based insights to help drive a holistic design strategy
  • Businesses develop their POD’s (points of difference, brand equities, brand architecture, and their brand principles and values to develop strategic design that will reinforce their overall equity pyramid
  • Develop a superior FMOT (first moment of truth) experience


Desired Consumer Experience

Inspirational Design Targets


Brandmark Development


Brand Architecture

Equity Pyramid

FMOT (First Moment of Truth)

SMOT (second Moment of Truth)



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