Focus groups have been the research standard. Remove the glass between you and the customer. Why limit the value you get from the investment when you can experience:

  • A better (more natural) atmosphere for consumers to express themselves than in a standard focus group facility;
  • Real-time engagement, sharing and iteration in learning with consumers – rather than sitting in a back room tied to a standard research script worrying you won’t get the insight you need; and
  • Techniques that allow for a clearer understanding of consumer needs through non-verbal expression and other exercises and methods that produce insight?

Getting insight into your customers is not about how much you spend on research, but rather what you get out of the research. For over a decade, The Valen Group has been conducting non-traditional research that provides better insight and better results than traditional focus groups.

Forward-thinking executives at leading companies such as Nestle, P&G, Dannon and IHOP Restaurants know how effective our methods are for them. They realize that if you want a different result you have to try something different.

Our focus in front-end new product conceptualization forces us to continually push the envelope in research methods. These are the very techniques we use to support our own internal growth and innovation consulting strategy teams to get the most insight for the money. We are continually challenged to uncover unmet needs and gain better insight into consumer behaviors so we get creative in our techniques and this significant experience is what we can leverage for you.

It’s called field research for a reason. Why sit in the back room with your staff when there are too many distractions? Get serious about moving your consumer insight to the next level. Let us engage in a study customized to provide the exact insight you need.

Specializing in Front-End Innovation

The Valen Group specializes in front-end innovation (e.g. early conceptualization of new products or new business segments focused on uncovering unmet needs). We utilize active insight methods in interactions with consumers including non-verbal exercises, ethnographic methods, journaling and other methods customized to the research situation. Typically our work is a mix of research insight, ideation or brainstorming and strategic market analysis.