Competitor Analysis

We help provide a perspective of the competitive landscape that is curated for your particular business and industry while identifying the strategic business questions to guide the work.

Understand your competitive landscape by analyzing your competitors’ strategies, products or business positioning, in combination with other factors, that provide input into your strategic growth or competitive positioning questions you seek to learn.

our approach

We develop a strategic brief outlining the specific scope of analysis specific to your brand’s need.  

We highly recommend the inclusion of qualitative market research to fortify the marketing strategy with fact-based data, such as with consumer perceptions in brand equity study, that compare competitor brands, gaps in satisfaction.  

We work in a sprint with periodic check-in points because many time you might not know exactly what insight you are seeking until you have some context allowing you to get exactly what you are seeking. We work with you to make insight actionable and be able to quickly reshare our presentations to leadership.


Product Positioning & Feature Matrix Comparison

Pricing Strategies & Tactics

Whitespace Opportunity Analysis (gaps in competitor offerings)

Emerging Business Model Analysis

Brand Equity Analysis

Brand Positioning Strategy



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