Leveraging Seasoning and Flavor Equity in Retail.


Extend the Red Robin in retail by leveraging its equity in unique flavors and craveable gourmet burgers.

How we did it

We developed a strategy for retail by using consumer insights to understand brand equity as it relates to consumer needs and eating at home. We identified areas of uniqueness and leveraged that in identifying high potential opportunities as platforms for growth. We connected Red Robin with major industry players to compete in frozen fries and onion rings segments, as well as player in seasonings and sauces, and burgers. Jointly worked on developing and qualifying seasoning and flavor systems that deliver target consumer experience. Also leveraged Red Robin’s significant loyalty card base and ecommerce/web site to drive engagement into licensed products.


Red Robin Steak Fries exceeded sales estimates significantly and holds a significant share of the seasoned fries segment with longevity in the category over 6 years and running. These brand licensing products contributed stabilizing the declining Frozen Potato category. Onion Rings almost tripled its expected volume when launched demonstrating the strength of the Red Robin brand and strategically helped build the overall awareness, usage and sales for the program allowing for continued development of the program.